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IBM To Open Two More Offshore Development Centers In India

"IBM announced Tuesday that it has opened another global delivery center, this one in the city of Noida, located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and is planning anot...

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No, The Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist!

In their zeal to enlist government help to expand the supply of tech workers through foreign guest worker programs, employers are misrepresenting IT labor market conditions. Howeve...

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Feeling the Elephant! By: Beryl Lieff Benderly

"Wadhwa found no general shortage, only "specific shortages in&specific areas of technology" such as the newly emerging field of biofuels, he says. Dozens of employers asked to com...

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Santa's Sweatshop: Made in D.C. with Bad Trade Policy

"Although China and inadequate U.S. safety systems are often blamed, U.S. toy corporations decisions to shift production to countries without adequate safety systems and trade poli...

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John Bauman, H-1B Activist, Ends His Fight!

TORAW is out of funds and that its membership has shrunk to a handful of people, down from the initial wave of several hundred who signed on as members. "People lost interest in th...

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World's Next Outsourcing Hub: Kenya?

"Last week, the Kenyan government signed an agreement with French-US telecom group Alcatel-Lucent for a fiber-optic cable linking the Kenyan port of Mombasa with the United Arab Em...

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Zell Takes The Wheel At Tribune!

Reduce costs immediately. All the talk about growing revenue instead of attacking overhead is hard to swallow given the heavily leveraged structure of the buyout. Expect buyouts an...

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"While Senator Clinton is on the campaign trail, promising US citizens and LABOR her full support when it comes to jobs, she weaves a tangled web of deceit, hidden from the voter, ...

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Offshoring Interests and Economic Dogmas Are Destroying the US Dollar

"There is no more of a shortage of US scientists and engineers than there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The US media has no investigative capability and serves up the l...

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AT$T Management Employees Sound Off On Telework Cuts

December 12, 2007 (Network World) "News of AT&T Inc.'s plans to scale back it telework program have set the industry buzzing. Dozens of readers, some who say they are AT&T employee...

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