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H-1B Visas

India And The United StatesBy: Mira Kamdar

"As India's external affairs minister, Jaswant Singh, famously quipped after his country exploded a series of nuclear devices on May 18, 1998, in defiance of the international nonp...

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Out With Outsourcing?

"Two years ago, Fortune 500 energy company NiSource Inc., of Merrillville, announced it would be cutting more than 1,000 jobs after inking a $1.6 billion outsourcing agreement with...

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AT&T To Invest Additional $100 Million Globally

AT&T does not operate any research facilities in China and only outsources some services to Indian companies -- a strategy that contrasts with many of the world's leading multinati...

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Hillary Woos The Outsourcers Feared By U.S. Workers!

"Since Tata arrived in Buffalo, "the reality is that it probably created many more jobs for workers overseas and displaced lots of American workers," said Ronil Hira, a public poli...

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Fidel Castro Blasts H-1B Program

"Fidel Castro recently complained that the H-1B program is a brain drain On countries like his. Many of the things he says about H-1B are true - In fact he seems more knowledgeable...

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"To H-1B Or Not To H-1B?" By Alice LaPlante

"Are we facing an IT shortage of crisis proportions, or systematically destroying a skilled and capable homegrown workforce?" Download a very informative article by, Alice LaPlante...

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USCIS Backs Down Under Threat of Lawsuit!

"Chalk up another victory for the sharks! Soon after the lawyers filed lawsuits on the behalf of H-1Bs who don't want to wait for their green cards, the USCIS backed down like a bu...

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The "NEW AT$T"- "Reinforcing The Commitment to India!"

AT&T Inc. has announced the hosting of the first AT&T Asia Pacific Regional Advisory Council (RAC) meeting of the year in New Delhi from July 17 - 18. The meeting comes just one we...

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H-1B Visa Lawsuits Filed!

"In the recent newsletter titled "H-1Bs take to the streets to protest" I discussed a protest that was carried out by a bunch of angry H-1Bs in San Jose. That story is only the tip...

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Washington Gas Light Co has announced signing a 10 year contract with Accenture. This collaboration will result in the loss of 300 positions. OPEIU- Local 2 will lose 150 jobs, ma...

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