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John Bauman, H-1B Activist, Ends His Fight!

TORAW is out of funds and that its membership has shrunk to a handful of people, down from the initial wave of several hundred who signed on as members. "People lost interest in the fight," Bauman said. Many of TORAW's members have moved on, in some cases taking jobs in other industries. For instance, one of the organizers is driving an 18-wheeler, while another is doing home repair work, said Bauman, who has been focusing on TORAW's activities on a full-time basis. If there is any hint of resignation in Bauman's voice, it's not from lack of effort. In 2003 alone, lawmakers from Connecticut introduced three bills proposing changes to the H-1B and L-1 programs. TORAW also held protests, one outside of an outsourcing conference in New York. One member of the group held a sign that read: "Will Code for Food."
"I don't regret anything that we've done," Bauman said. "We tried our best." Download complete article in PDF format. Well Done John! Steve Tisza, President CWA Local 4250 - Chicago

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