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No, The Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist!

In their zeal to enlist government help to expand the supply of tech workers through foreign guest worker programs, employers are misrepresenting IT labor market conditions. However, if the candidates for president aren't asked about it - how can we expect them to do stand up for it once they get into the White House? Help us make H-1B Visa reform an issue by visiting and submitting a question to be asked of the candidates at the CNN debates at the end of this month. A sample question:"Given the numerous reports showing there is no shortage of tech workers, would you agree to cut or eliminate the H-1B Visa program?" Download entire article and a link to submit your question.(NOTE) You must register to submit a question. HOWEVER, registration is not required to VOTE on a question already submitted. The H-1B question has already been submitted to candidates from both parties under economy and immigration issues. . While on the website VOTE on these questions to be asked of ALL CA

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