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H-1B Visas

Big Victory - Secret Trade Deal of 2007 Delayed!

Breaking news from Capitol Hill: An announcement by congressional Democrats delivers a major victory today for the progressive movement and millions of people represented by consum...

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Cohen&Grigsby Seminar Videos Back Online!

"A law firm called Cohen&Grigsby held a seminar to promote themselves as a one-stop solution for employers who want to replace their American employees with imported foreign worker...

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AT$T To Return 650 More Outsourced Jobs!

AT&T announced this week that it will be bringing back from overseas nearly 650 Tier I DSL technical support jobs and locating them in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, later this year. ...

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** Cohen & Grigsby Undermines The Spirit Of The Law! **

Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go...

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The Truth Comes Out About Offshoring

"Susan N. Houseman, a good but previously obscure economist with the Upjohn Institute, has discovered a problem in the statistical data that produces phantom US GDP. Phantom GDP r...

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SECRET TRADE DEAL - DAY 29: Can the Clinton Machine Get Congress to Deliver Another NAFTA?

"Can the Clinton machine deliver another NAFTA? That is the question in Washington on trade these days, as dynamic similar to the NAFTA debate begins to take shape. The Colombian g...

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Hillary Clinton Woos Silicon Valley Execs!

"Clinton said she's already trying to increase the number of so-called H1B visas aimed at highly educated workers. Silicon Valley companies use H1Bs to sponsor thousands of softwar...

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Senators Grassley & Durbin Ask for Details on Companies' Use of H-1B Visas!

"Senators Chuck Grassley and Richard Durbin today asked the top nine foreign based companies in 2006 that used nearly 20,000 of the available H-1B visas to disclose further details...

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From NAFTA To Iraq To The Secret Trade Deal!

"In the interest of full transparency, let's remember: It's not totally clear who has seen the actual legislative language of this deal as of now. What we do know is that while man...

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Local News Reporting Outsourced To India!

When is local journalism not really local? When it's about Pasadena and written by someone in India. James Macpherson, editor and publisher of the Pasadena Now website, hired two r...

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