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H-1B Visas

Unfortunately Misinformed Tom Elias Column

"If Elias thinks this is all due to the Big Bad Republicans (here I must insert the disclaimer that I am a longtime liberal Democrat), he needs to take another look. ...

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Immoral, Not Inept! By: Syndicated Columnist David Sirotta

"The Bush administration and the Republican Party are often criticized for refusing to aggressively use the "soft power" of international diplomacy. But alas, the attacks are misgu...

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Fixing Our Badly Broken H-1B Visa and Employee Sponsored Green Card Programs

Preview by Rob Sanchez, Job Destruction Newsletter No. 1764: "I cannot say enough superlatives about this new paper from Dr. Norman Matloff. The paper is posted at this link: http...

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AT$T Brings Outsourced Jobs Back to U.S. !

San Antonio-based AT&T Inc. announced plans Wednesday to bring 175 call center jobs once outsourced overseas back to the United States, part of a group of 5,000 outsourced jobs com...

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EDS To Cut 25% of U.S. Workforce!

"Chief executive Ronald Rittenmeyer, who took over Sept. 1 from Michael Jordan, is hiring workers in India to replace more-expensive US employees and revive profit." Meanwhile he's...

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Illegal Immigrants from India On The Rise!

"The fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants in the United States doesn't speak Spanish. They typically aren't found at day labor sites or streaming across the Southwest border...

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"Deja vu" All Over Again!- Abolish The H-1B Visa!

Congress recently held hearings on the STRIVE ACT, which along with amnesty for illegal aliens, will more than double H-1B Visas. The Illinois AFL-CIO unanimously passed my resolut...

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Indian Firms Present an American Face

"The U.S.-India Political Action Committee has defended outsourcing vendors, most of whose employees are in India, although the group represents Indian-Americans. A profile of Mrs....

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India's Ratan Tata: The Last Rajah!

"Tata's business dealings reflect the bolder side of his personality. In the past four years he has embarked on an investment binge that is building his group from a once-stodgy re...

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Labor Shortages: Myth And Reality! By: Moira Herbst

"We don't believe that there is a labor shortage," says Kim Berry, president of the Programmers Guild. "There is perhaps a shortage of people willing to work at the salary being of...

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