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Local 4250/CTU #16 Memoriam Honor Roll

In Sympathy and Friendship

Death of RMC Member: Lucinda Rutherford, aka (Cindy)

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Deepest Sympathy and Condolences

CWA and AT&T Alum Gregory Greene Passing

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Funeral Services for Debra Slimko

Services will be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, please see details below.

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In Deep Sympathy and Sorrow

Sudden Passing of Secretary/Treasurer Debra Slimko

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Remember Those Who Served! All Gave Some, Some Gave All!

The “Memorial” In Memorial Day Has Been Ignored By Too Many Of Us Who Are Beneficiaries Of Those Who Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice.

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CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 Honor Roll - Members and Retirees

CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 Honor Roll - Members and Retirees Deaths Listed In Chronilogical Order

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CWA National - News from the Front Lines

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