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H-1B Visas

The Burden of Outsourcing! By Robert E. Scott

In 2007, 5.6 million jobs were lost or displaced by the U.S. non-oil trade deficit (Scott 2008). Despite strong export growth over the past few years, that deficit still totaled $4...

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Manufacturers Know All About Economic Collapse! By: Richard McCormack

"Has the financial class driven through the heartland of America lately? Have they not taken AMTRAK between New York City and Washington, D.C., passing through the industrial back ...

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Jack Abramoff Is Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

Jack Abramoff, who has been convicted of crimes involving politicians, got his start as a lobbyist working for Bill Gates' father's law firm, lobbying for massive numbers of additi...

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A Work Force Betrayed

The collapse of world socialism, the rise of the high speed Internet, a bought-and-paid-for US government, and a million dollar cap on executive pay that is not performance related...

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Bogus Cisco Job Ad Is Bad Timing For Fragomen Law Firm

"As we all know, employers run bogus job ads so that they can legally reject all qualified Americans who apply. It's all part of the labor certification game that is designed to gi...

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Nielsen Replaces Workers With H-1Bs From Tata

JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER No. 1883 --By: Rob Sanchez. Lou Dobbs had three excellent reports about Nielsen replacing American workers at the Oldsmar location. The three videos on ...

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Dilberts of the World, Unite! By: David Sirota

"In the 1990s, dot-com celebrations were happening everywhere. From Silicon Valley to Boston, from Austin to Seattle, the geeky Lambda Lambda Lambda frat brothers from Revenge of t...

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America's Bogus Skilled Labor Shortage!

Vince Wade explains the H-1B visa scam in a short animated video....

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20 Organizations Oppose Increasing H1B and H2B Visas!

'We write to express our strong objection to bringing to the House floor any time in the remaining days of the 110th Congress legislation to increase temporary foreign worker visas...

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The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit! By: Gene A Nelson

This article establishes that "things of value" were provided by Microsoft Corporation in order to facilitate "official acts"--changes beneficial to Microsoft in H-1B visa law in 1...

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