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Indian Firms Present an American Face

"The U.S.-India Political Action Committee has defended outsourcing vendors, most of whose employees are in India, although the group represents Indian-Americans. A profile of Mrs. Clinton on the group's Web site notes that "even though she was against outsourcing at the beginning of her political career, she has since changed her position." In an internal memo leaked in June, staff members from the Obama campaign contended that Mrs. Clinton's ties to wealthy Indian businesspeople had made her favor outsourcing. The memo cited the Clintons' ties to Vinod Gupta, an Indian entrepreneur who founded InfoUSA, one of the United States' largest brokers of information on consumers. Mr. Gupta, a major fund-raiser and benefactor for the Clintons who was nominated for ambassadorships by President Bill Clinton, was detailed in the Obama memo because his company outsources to India and he has vocally supported the practice." (NOTE) Hillary Clinton is the co-chair of the "Friends of India" Caucus in the U.S.Senate. Downloa

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