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Articles by Author: lvanderwoude

The Significance of Why CWA Members Wear Red on Thursdays!

29 Years Ago August 15th, Gerry Horgan Was Killed From Injuries He Sustained When He Was Run Down By A "scab" As He Walked A CWA Picket Line While Striking For Health Care Benefits

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CWA Local 4250 Liz VanDerWoude, President, CWA Local 4252 LaNell Piercy, President & CWA Local 4998 Pam Rogers, President Invite You To Join Us! One Day Longer One Day Stronger!

Wear Red! Thursday, August 2, 2018 @ 11 AM - AT$T 10 S. Canal Chicago! Make Your Demands Heard! Let's Get Active!, Let's Get Mobilized! And Let's Get A Fair Contract! Fight Back!

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CWA Radio Ads: AT$T's Tax Breaks and Broken Promises!

If Tax Reform Passes, AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson Said; “The Company Will Spend “At Least” $1 Billion In Capital Expenditure And Be Able To Create An Estimated 7,000 Jobs.”

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AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson Promised To Invest In His Workforce And Create At least 7,000 Jobs If The Tax Bill Passed.

Union Workers At AT$T Are Fighting Back To Demand AT$T Give Us Our Fair Share And Invest In Good American Jobs. Please Sign/Share This Petition To Stand With Us In Our Fight.

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CWA Press Release: CWA Opposes The Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh To The Supreme Court

Judge Kavanaugh Routinely Rules Against Workers And Their Families And Regularly Sides With Employers Against Employees Seeking Justice In The Workplace, Including CWA Members.

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AT$T Promised To Creat Seven Thousand New Jobs With Their GOP Tax Break But Have Laid Off Thousands Of Workers And Continue To Offshore American Jobs!

Call Your Member of Congress, 1-855-553-4489. Tell Your Congressman To Hold AT$T Accountable For Their Tax Scam Lies. And, Sign-On To Rep. Pocan's Letter To AT$T! & SIGN PETITION!

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Ask AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson - Where Are Our Jobs?

Tell AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson That It's Time For Him To Keep His Word And Keep Good, Family-Supporting Jobs With Affordable Healthcare And A Stable Retirement In Our Communities

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IMPORTANT: CWA President Chris Shelton's Desire To Dissolve And Eliminate The PPMWS Merger Agreement :IMPORTANT

IMPORTANT: Please Read & Share: CWA President Chris Shelton's Desire To Dissolve And Eliminate The PPMWS Merger Agreement : IMPORTANT: Please Read & Share

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CWA Report on AT$T Reveals Thousands Of Layoffs, Call Center Closures And Rampant Outsourcing

AT$T Refuses To Release Details About Plans For Its $20 BILLION In Tax Savings: A Report By The Communications Workers of America (CWA)

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CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 Members, In Good Standing And CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 Retired Members' Chapter (RMC) Members

CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 Members & Retirees (RMC) General Membership Meeting(s). Saturday, May 12, 2018 NOON American Legion Post 1941, 900 S LaGrange Rd, LaGrange, Ill.

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