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Articles by Author: lvanderwoude

Primer For Reporters Looking Into The H-1B Program By: John Miano July 1, 2015

After decades of neglect, I am happily surprised that Southern California Edison and Disney have drawn new attention to the H-1B program.

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John Miano Suggests That Journalists Open Their Eyes July 2, 2015 matloff

John details how destructive the current four-tiered system for H-1B wage floors is used as a core mechanism enabling firms to employ H-1Bs instead of Americans.

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Laura Unger. Assistant To Vice President CWA T&T Will Retire July 10, 2015

Now That The Contract Has Been Ratified, I Want To Let You Know That My Last Day In The T&T Office Will Be July 10th. I Leave You With This Wish Thanks To Bob Dylan!

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Rubio Ducks Disney Question, Then Calls For Reform June 30, 2015 matloff

Rubio Opposes Requiring Employers In General To Certify That No Qualified Americans Are Available For The Jobs They Wish To Fill With H-1Bs.

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June 26, 2015 CWA/AT&T - Legacy T and Puerto Rico Contracts Ratified By A Large Margin

The Tentative Agreement Between CWA and AT&T Corp. (Legacy T) Has Been Ratified By a 77% “Yes” Vote. AT&T Puerto Rico Was Also Ratified

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CWA/AT&T Contract Midwest Ratification Results June 26, 2015

AT&T Midwest Core and Global COS Voted In Favor of Ratifying The Tentative Agreements Reached on May 13, 2015 With AT$T. It Was A Close Vote 51.6% Yes, 48.4% No, with 56.8% Return

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CWA Local 4250 / CTU 16 Women's and Community Service Committees The Ronald McDonald House Charities

CWA Local 4250 / CTU 16 Women's & Community Service Committees Will Be Collecting Items For The Ronald McDonald House at 5444 S. Drexel Ave. Chicago Illinois Until July 3, 2015

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame Joliet Slammers Thursday, August 27, 2015

Join Us On Thursday, August 27, 2015 At Silver Cross Field Downtown Joliet, Illinois Slammers Game Time 7:05 PM

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Bi-partisan Legislation To Protect Retiree Health Benefits Introduced in U.S. House of Representatives

H.R. 1856 Creates A Legal Presumption That Earned Healthcare Benefits Cannot Be Reduced Or Terminated During Retirement. Call Your Congressperson Today And Demand Their Support.

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Stop Fast Track For TPP Rep. Mike Quigley

Quigley Was The ONLY Illinois House Democrat To Vote For TPP. This Was A Clear Demonstration Of The Influence Of Big Money And Corporations. Quigley Must Be Primaried In 2016!

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