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AT$T "Legacy T" Bargaining Report #32

Today the Bargaining Team continued to put language across the table to counter the Company's retrogressive demands in many of the articles. We also presented a group of demands t...

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AT$T "Legacy T" Bargaining Report #31

The Bargaining Team had a meeting this morning with CWA President Larry Cohen and EVP Annie Hill to discuss the structure of bargaining and our particular problems at the Legacy T ...

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- The Pace of Bargaining By: Christina Huggins, EVP CWA Local 9415

"The Union has known for some time now that the goal of most major Corporations in this country is to get rid of Unions. AT&T is no exception. A couple of years back, some high l...

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at$t Clandestine Template For 2009 Bargaining!

UPDATE: 04/25/09 DE JA VU ALL OVER AGAIN!(ORIGINALLY POSTED 3 YEARS AGO)UPDATE: 10/12/07- I now have the complete copy of an at$t document, intended for management only, titled "at...

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WE ARE THE NETWORK! - A Message from AT&T Employees

We Are the Network! AT&T Workers Have Built a Strong Company for Tough Times. AT&T, the 7th largest company in the world, is in a strong position to weather the current economic st...

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CWA Rocks The AT$T Shareholder Meeting and Mobilization Nationally!

Hundreds of CWA Members and Retirees attended the AT&T Shareholder meeting Friday reminding shareholders that "CWA members are the network", and sending a clear message to Randall ...

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AT$T "Legacy T" Bargaining Report #30

"AT$T's proposals for its employees will leave a good number of our members with the potential of hundreds of dollars a month in benefit costs. They put on such a benevolent face ...

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National AT$T Unity e-Meeting Thursday, April 23 at 9 pm EDT For All CWA/at$t Members & Retirees!

"On Thursday, April 23 at 9 pm EDT we will broadcast our first ever National Unity Meeting over the Internet. During this meeting, President Cohen and I will be updating the...

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AT$T "Legacy T" Bargaining Report #29

Bargaining today was more of the same. We fought over the elimination of some key provisions of letter (ccc), the Employment Security letter. Not only are they trying to eliminate ...

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AT$T Goes After Workers Health Care, Organizing Rights

"In the current fight, the CWA is struggling to keep basic rights for its workers. Health care coverage and the right to a job for today's workers, as well as continued health care...

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