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Merry Christmas From AT$T' Randall Stephenson: AT$T To Fire Over 700 Union Members in AT$T Midwest Area!

In addition to the closing of the 10 S Canal AT$T Directory Assistance (DA) office in Chicago (above), AT$T has also made a Christmas Season SURPLUS announcement of their intent t...

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CWA District 4 AT$T Midwest Surplus Announcement I&M

Enclosed please find the surplus for MW Core I&M. Overall, MW Core I&M will be reducing their CSS/ST force by 537, the breakdown by state is noted below. The new contract procedure...

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CWA C&T AT$T Legacy T VTP Offer

Legacy T announced a VTP offer across the country. Locally there is an offer for 8 Comm Techs in the BK business unit. This does not include grandfathered NTS as they are in a diff...

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CWA D3 AT$T Southeast Final Bargaining Report

Download CWA District 3 Final Bargaining Report in PDF format. My Congratulations to the District 3 Bargaining Team for hanging tough and not agreeing to AT$T's regressive Premise...

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CWA D3 Reaches Tentative Agreement With AT$T

CWA District 3 reached a tentative agreement with AT&T covering about 35,000 CWA-represented workers at AT&T Southeast. The agreement covers workers at AT&T (formerly BellSo...

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Legacy T AT$T: Mary Davidson-Glover

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Mary Davidson-Glover has taken VTP and retired. Mary was our CWA appointed AT&T Resource Center Coordinator located in New Jersey.

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Some Simple Questions After Obama's Afghanistan War Speech

"Which is worse - a stupid person like George W. Bush starting a dumb occupation, or a smart person like Barack Obama following the lead of that stupid person, but actually escalat...

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Union President Blames AT$T For Stalled Talks

"William Henderson said Thursday that the company is using a "divide and conquer" strategy by only agreeing to bargain with unionized workers in one region of the country at a time...

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AT$T Legacy T Annual Enrollment

We have had a number of calls and questions regarding Annual Enrollment this year. Nothing further regarding the Annual Enrollment dates has been posted because the Company origin...

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AT$T and CWA Local 1298 Still Far Apart

The East region is the only district where the contract expired on April 4 but no agreement has yet been reached. The contract in District 3 expired Aug. 8. Negotiat...

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