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CWA Local 1298 Fights for 258 Days to Keep AT$T Jobs in Connecticut - District 1 Stands Alone against AT$T!

As Connecticut consumers continue to spend their fair share at AT$T buying AT$T products and services AT$T continues to slash jobs in this state. CWA Local 1298 is doing everything it can to keep jobs in Connecticut. President Bill Henderson appears as Santa Clause handing out coal to passersby as a symbol of what AT$T will give back to Connecticut in gratitude for our consumer's allegiance to their products. Workers continue their morning trek during freezing temperatures in front of one of the few AT$T work sites left in this state, to show AT$T that we are still looking for what is fair and just . We want to be treated with respect and to have our employer who once treated their employees like family to at least have some compassion for more than just the bottom line. It's not too late, Christmas isn't here yet and we all hope that Scrooge wakes up and tries to do right by its employees. Download news update with VIDEO LINK!

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