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Articles by Author: stisza

AT$T's Exorbitant Increases To Current Retirees' Medical Plan

Attached you will see an explanation for the exorbitant increases to the Current Retiree Medical Plan. A link at the bottom of the page will take you to a document put out by a re...

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The Alliance Pre-Paid Tuition (PPT) Program

The Alliance National Program staff recently completed its annual review of the Alliance Pre-Paid Tuition (PPT) program. Based on that review, we are increasing the annual maxim...

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AT$T Legacy T VTP Declaration

This is to advise you that Business, Consumer, Corporate Affairs, and Network Operations and Information Technology will be offering a VTP on September 17,2012. The attached file(s...

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IBM: "The Cost Difference Is Too Great For The Business Not To Look For" H-1B Workers: By John Miano

The companies that publicly advertise illegal recruitment tend to be small. Many of these small companies publish lists of companies they supply workers to. I compiled the advertis...

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J. Michael Fitzgerald Apartments Groundbreaking Ceremony

John Michael Fitzgerald, a third-generation electrician, led Chicago's 17,000-member International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 134 for 11 years. He passed away on Octob...

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Judge Rules For Infosys In Whistleblower Case

August 20, 2012 On the day that whistleblower Jack "Jay" Palmer Jr.'s lawsuit against Infosys was originally scheduled to go to trial, the judge has ruled in the Indian IT...

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Legacy T and AT&T Puerto Rico ? Contracts Ratified

The votes have been counted and the Legacy T contract was ratified by 67.6%. The AT&T Puerto Rico Contract was ratified by 90%. As soon as we have information on the date you wil...

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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Is NAFTA On Steroids

CWAers, Sierra Club members and activists from Citizens Trade Campaign will be taking a stand in Leesburg, Va., on Sunday, Sept. 9, during the next round of negotiations for the Tr...

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Infosys Faces New Visa Fraud Allegation

The Indian offshoring giant Infosys ran a "full-throated campaign of retaliation" against employees to deter them from cooperating with federal authorities investigating visa fraud...

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General Questions and Answers #2 2012 Legacy T Summary of Tentative Agreement

This is the second ?Q and A? answering general questions that have come in about the Tentative Agreement. If we receive more new questions, we will post another one....

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