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Articles by Author: stisza

CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #53

Jun 5, 2012 Our Legacy T Bargaining Team has been meeting informally with the Company and internally with our Union researchers to work on a plan to improve the Pensions of ...

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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #52

May 31, 2012 Yesterday the IBEW and AT&T announced a one-year agreement that extends their contract to 2013 but changes benefits and has a small wage increase. Details have ...

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CWA-Legacy T Bargaining Report #51

Bargaining Report 51 Legacy T May 30, 2012 The bargaining team returned from their Memorial Day trip home anxious to get back to the bargai...

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IBEW and AT&T Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

May 30, 2012 Breaking News - The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and AT&T reached a tentative agreement on May 30th to extend the existing contract by 12 months. Th...

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Memorial Day Massacre - Republic Steel Strike 1937

On May 30, 1937, striking Republic Steel workers and sympathizers attempted to establish a picket line at the front of the mill on Chicago's Southeast Side. The protesting marchers...

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CWA-AT$T legacy T Bargaining Report #50

May 25, 2012 Bargaining Report #50 - Legacy T, May 25. 2012 We met with the Company yesterday and today in informal subcommittee. We made some progress on Local iss...

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Get Used To A Life Of Layoffs-By: Norman Matloff

The tech job market is excellent for younger workers, but many of those who are laid off and over 35 will find the market less welcoming. They're perceived as too expensive. The HP...

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AT$T: A Healthy Company With Sick Ideas!

AT&T?s latest proposals for health care mean thousands of dollars in new costs for workers. One step forward, two steps back. That?s how health care negotiations go with AT&...

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AT$T Members: Want To Pay $3,800 More For Health Care?

Have a spare $3,800 lying around? Most Americans don't. And at AT&T, $3,800 amounts to more than 12% of some workers' annual pay. As negotiations cont...

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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #49

May 22, 2012 Legacy T - Bargaining Report #49 With bargaining moving at a snail?s pace, your Legacy T team is meeting together to review our outstanding proposals and...

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