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H-1B Visas

Microsoft's Hidden Age Discrimination!

"Internal Microsoft documents obtained by WashTech News show that Microsoft salaries have been stagnant or nudged only slightly higher over the past two years. Comments from curren...

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Job Growth Benefits Immigrants & Outsourcers!

"American employees have been abandoned by American corporations and by their representatives in Congress. America remains a land of opportunity?but for foreigners?not for the nati...

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Bush Defends Outsourcing Jobs To India!

The president said the United States should see this rapidly growing nation as a land of opportunity instead of a threat. America's best response to globalization is not to erect e...

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Outsourcing Wave Hits Investment Bankers!

First came IT outsourcing. Now comes investment banking. After years of outsourcing technology support and other back-office operations to countries like India and China, financial...

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Securing The Future Of Indian IT!

MUMBAI, India?India could be home to the world's dominant IT firms in 20 years?IF. That was the theme of a panel discussion during the first day of the Nasscom 2006 conference here...

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Temporary Manager Visas Used to Circumvent Limits

"Software companies appear to be using the L visa to get around H quotas," one consular post in Southeast Asia told investigators. State Department officials often are called upon ...

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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tata !

Looks like the Indian owned bodyshop is in big trouble. This time it's Tata's own nonimmigrant visa holders that are filing the lawsuit. The complaint titled "Gopi Vedachalam vs. T...

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Is Egypt The Next Offshore Outsourcing Hot-Spot?

Mohammed Omran, CEO of the newly created Egyptian government-funded Information Technology Industry Development Agency (Itida), said: "One of the key challenges is for Egypt to dev...

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Job Disinformation From The New York Times!

On Friday Feb. 3 the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the nonfarm payroll jobs report for January. New York Times reporter Vikas Bajaj wrote an upbeat news story, obviously base...

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Letter To Senator Durbin Regarding H-1B Visas!

The H-1B hiring program circumvents Equal Opportunity laws. It allows companies to narrow the applicant pool for 85,000 job openings to only citizens from abroad each year. The p...

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