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H-1B Visas

Flattening the Great Education Myth!

"Unless communities demand their congressional representatives add protections to our national trade policy to make sure our workers are not forced to compete with slave labor, mid...

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What Happens In Crawford, Stays In Crawford!

Turki, the Saudi ambassador, said the bilateral education effort grew out of the April 2005 meeting between President Bush and King Abdullah, then the crown prince, in Crawford, Te...

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"Shills" Lobbying Congress To Increase H-1B Visas!

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website allows people to change the text of the message, so if you want to have some fun, and mess with their heads a little, go...

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Lou Dobbs: I'm A Populist, Deal With It!

"I admit to being, among many other things, a proponent of populism. But I do believe my critics should look up the definition before they sling the word at me like a filthy epithe...

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A New Push To Raise Cap On H-1B Visas!

"..that before raising the H-1B cap there should be reform of the H-1B system,? said Ronil Hira, vice president for career activities at IEEE-USA, a professional organization repre...

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Cheaper Medical Care In India?

Download an article how the United Steel Workers Union disrupted an employer's plan to offshore a union members health care to India....

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The New Face of Class Warfare!

"Free trade" and "globalization" are the guises behind which class war is being conducted against the middle class by both political parties. Patrick J. Buchanan, a three-time cont...

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Downsized But Not Out!

"It's a largely hidden problem, this quiet erosion of the middle class. While the chronically poor have been highlighted by the living-wage movement, downwardly mobile members of t...

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Immigration Attorney Advising Employers of H-3 Visa Scam!

"Attorney Frank Nelson is advising companies to break the law in order to circumvent the yearly cap on H-1B visas. Of course like most of our immigration laws, there is almost no e...

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Infosys Technologies Workers Will Never Unionize!

"In the Indian outsourcing industry, attracting and retaining staff is critical to keeping the business growing. To keep its staff, Infosys Technologies pays them the same or, at t...

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