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H-1B Visas

Programmers Guild Letter to DOL Re: LCA Data

Download PDF copy of Kim Berry, President of the Programmers Guild,letter requesting that the DOL FLC data center export the FY 2007 LCA data to an access database....

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Detroit, Far South!

"During the last dozen years, many foreign manufacturers rushed to build factories in states like Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, inspiring the sobriquet Detroit South. Now Mex...

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The IT Profession: 2010 By: Ellen Fanning

Computerworld) In four short years, the current class of college freshmen will be scouting for jobs. In four short years, a significant percentage of the working population will re...

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The Myth of the New India

"Despite the country's growing economy, 2.5 million Indian children die annually, accounting for one out of every five child deaths worldwide; and facilities for primary education ...

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The "Patriot Corporations of America Act"

"It is time to rekindle the spirit of patriotism and encourage corporations that commit to America and American workers. The Patriot Corporations of America Act would do so by rewa...

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EDS To Double Its Chinese Outsourcing Facilities

"A spokeswoman for the company said its Chinese sites also provide offshore services to customers from the west as part of EDS? "best-shoring" global service delivery model. Sanjiv...

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Analysis: H-1B Pay Drags Down All Salaries

"Immigrant engineers with H-1B visas may be earning up to 23 percent less on average than American engineers with similar jobs, according to documents filed with the U.S. Departmen...

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CWA/WashTech Study Reveals 'Jobless Recovery' in Technology Labor Market

Job growth in America's information technology sector has been significantly less robust than industry leaders have claimed, and fewer than one-quarter of the IT jobs lost during t...

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BofA: Train Your Replacement, Or No Severance Pay!

Bank of America has been steadily moving thousands of tech jobs to India. The latest to go are about 100 positions that handle BofA's internal tech support. While many of the bank'...

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The Corner Office in Bangalore!

Costs are rising everywhere for American corporations, from energy to employee health insurance premiums. Yet in their drive to cut expenses, most notably by moving factories and c...

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