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Offshore Governments Campaign Against Call Center Bill

December 26, 2011 The Indian Government and NASSCOM, a New Delhi-based outsourcing group, launched a lobbying attack on Tim Bishop?s Call Center Off-Shoring Bill.

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Jobs Americans Can't Do? - The Myth of a Skilled Worker Shortage

Corporate executives in the tech industry have long called for an increase in pliant, lower-cost foreign labor. They argue that the U.S. is failing to produce a sufficient number o...

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What Jack Abramoff or CBS "60 Minutes" Didn't Say By Rob Sanchez

What the American public isn't being told is that Abramoff was one of the key conspirators behind the effort to destroy American jobs. Abramoff was arguably the most influential lo...

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A New Capital of Call Centers By VIKAS BAJAJ

? Americans calling the customer service lines of their airlines, phone companies and banks are now more likely to speak to Mark in Manila than Bharat in Bangalore. Over th...

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Federal Court Ruling Allows Jack "Jay" Palmer To Bring Infosys Visa Case To Jury

An Infosys Technologies employee, who alleged in a lawsuit that the Indian offshore outsourcing company wrongly used visitor visas in its work, won a federal court decision that wi...

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Why More Immigrant Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Graduates When So Many American STEM Graduates Are Unemployed?

New graduates have always competed among themselves for good jobs. In the wake of Great Recession, they compete with a larger pool of laid-off workers as well as retirees who lost ...

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Is Anybody out there? Is Anybody listening?

CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight use to cover this issue (one of the very few news programs to do so!) But Dobbs is long gone from CNN!!!! "War on the Middle Class", Dot.commies, ?DOBBS AND...

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House Republicans Pass the 'Outsourcers Bill of Rights'

Representative George Miller blasted the bill as one that would ?severely undermine the opportunity for middle class workers to succeed in life.? If unionized workers lose a remedy...

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Delegation of Legal Experts Finds Credible Accounts of J-1 Abuses at Hershey

One of the delegation?s principal recommendations is that the State Department suspend CETUSA?s authority to continue sponsoring student workers and issuing J-1 visas. We strongly ...

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