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H-1B Visas

The Economic Case For A Immigration Moratorium

A gargantuan rate of increase since 1965 has led to an immigration disaster that adds an immigration dimension to every public issue - government deficits, health care, the housing...

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Unfair China Trade Costs Local Jobs

2.4 Million Jobs Have Been Lost and Thousands Displaced in Every U.S. Congressional District as a result of Unfair China Trade policy. The growing U.S. trade deficit with China ha...

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More Yellow Jobs Than Green! By: Rob Sanchez

Arizona's reputation as the sunniest state in the union is attracting stimulus money but the problem is that the bulk of the business is going to two Chinese companies: Suntech Pow...

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Dirty Work: In-Sourcing American Jobs with H-2B Guestworkers - By: David Seminara

Americans don't want to mow your lawn. They don't want to serve you your lobster roll sandwich during your summer holiday in Maine. They won't drive the trucks that bring food to t...

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Business and Labor on Immigration Contrasting Views of Leaders vs. Rank and File - By Steven A. Camarota

A new Zogby poll of senior executives, business owners, and members of union households finds that each of these groups thinks the best way to deal with illegal immigrants in the c...

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Italian Welders in Texas Denied Entry to U.S.

Since my commentary (11/25/09) about the Italian welders who are working in the U.S. illegally on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Texas ("Italian Welders Work On Dallas Bridge - T...

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Etymology of "Virtual Immigration" - By Rob Sanchez

The Dallas Federal Reserve and the Wall Street Journal created quite an internet buzz when they used the term "virtual immigration" to describe the offshoring of jobs. The followin...

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U.S. Senators Urge Utility To Keep IT Jobs Onshore

(Computerworld) New York's two U.S. senators say that National Grid, a major Northeast utility, is considering outsourcing as many as 1,200 jobs -- including many in IT -- to an of...

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H-1B Bodyshop vs. U.S. First Amendment: The Case Of "Tunnel Rat"

The blogger who goes by the nickname "Tunnel Rat" has the status of a folk hero for American computer/IT and engineering professionals. He is celebrated for his acerbic commentarie...

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12/23/098- "Gaming the System" - Guest Worker Visa Programs and Professional and Technical Workers in the U.S.

The United States' guest worker visa programs are a flashpoint in the ongoing immigration debate. With a fallible reporting process and no unified government agency to provi...

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