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Offshore Governments Campaign Against Call Center Bill

December 26, 2011
The Indian Government and NASSCOM, a New Delhi-based outsourcing group, launched a lobbying attack on Tim Bishop?s Call Center Off-Shoring Bill.

CWA supports the bill because it would make it harder for corporate CEOs to ship American jobs abroad and it would help protect your sensitive personal information.

With corporate lobbyists and overseas governments lining up against the bill, we need to make sure our lawmakers listen to us instead. Click MORE below to send a message to Congress and tell them to support the HR 3596, the US Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act. News reports from India show that their Ambassador to the USA and the pro-call center off-shoring lobby group, NASSCOM, is launching a major lobbying effort to stop the Call Center Bill. They are planning to assemble a group of countries where millions of American call center jobs have been shipped in recent years in order to pressure the US Government to keep open the flow of American jobs abroad. But we want

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