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Legislative and Political Action

Supreme Court & Corporate Power - Important!

As you presumably know, in January the Supreme Court issued an outrageous decision that held for-profit corporations have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited ...

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Wall Street executives don't want you to read this. This week, hearings began on Capitol Hill over the proposed Comcast-NBC merger. The merger would give Comcast unprecedent...

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The Clock Is Ticking For Workers' Rights!

The clock is ticking on the Senate's chances to confirm the NLRB nominees. President Obama made his nominations right after he took office last January, but they're being he...

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Why the Citizens United Decision Undermines Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It

A corporation isn't a person. But the U.S. Supreme Court, in its Citizens United decision, had no problem granting corporations the First Amendment rights that citizens enjoy.

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WE DID IT! - Improvements Negotiated to Excise Tax

CWA leadership, locals and our members have led the opposition to the excise tax. From the start, CWA leaders made it clear that a tax on workers' health care was the wrong way to...

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Add your voice to the national call-in day for health care reform today. Please call your U.S. representative now and urge him or her to vote for health care that will work for wor...

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Avoid The Line And The Cold - VOTE EARLY!

Voting early is fast, easy and convenient in Illinois. Early voting for the February 2, 2010 Primary Election begins on Monday, January 11, 2010 and ends on January 2...

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Reaching Milestone: Senate OKs Health Care Measure!!

"Michigan Democrat John Dingell, at 83 the longest-serving member of the House, used two crutches to navigate the ice outside the Senate chamber as he made his way inside with his ...

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Taxing Health Benefits = A Middle Class Tax Increase

The U.S. Senate will soon vote on legislation that would tax CWA-negotiated employer health plans. The tax will be passed directly onto working families. To avoid the tax, employer...

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CALL YOUR US SENATORS! - Don't Tax My AT$T Benefits!


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