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REGISTER NOW- For AT&T Unity e-Meeting On Wednesday, May 27th at 9 pm EDT

Our second National Unity e-Meeting to discuss the ongoing contract negotiations with AT&T will happen -- on Wednesday, May 27th at 9 pm EDT. Register now to attend this exciting a...

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Send A Letter To President Obama Today!

SAMPLE LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA:(From CWA Local 2252) President Obama, I respectfully support all your initiatives in regards to the Economic Stimulu...

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"UPDATE" 2009 Version of the Trade Reform Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act

The time for comprehensive fair trade reform is upon us: the 2009 version of the Trade Reform Accountability, Development and Employment (TRADE) Act will be introduced into Congres...

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MAY DAY 2009! - CWA at$t Corp Members & Retirees Mobilization Activity! Take ACTION TODAY!

Between now and May 8, 2009, all Local 4250 at$t Corp. Members and retirees must focus on obtaining as many letters as possible from your individual members of Congress and U.S. Se...

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Don't Let AT$T Triple Workers' Health Care Costs

AT&T is trying cuts its workers' health benefits. In contract negotiations with CWA, the telecom giant has proposed huge increases in health care costs for its workers and their fa...

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On April 28, union members across the U.S. will observe Workers' Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have been killed or injured on the job. The theme of this year'...

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RE-RUN of CWA's First Ever National Unity e-Meeting

What a night! Over 20,000 of you joined us to make CWA's first ever National Unity e-Meeting a great success. If you missed the showing, you can take a look at the video on demand ...

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Join Us And Be Part Of the Largest Union Meeting In U.S. History - Thursday, April 23, 2009, 9:00P.M. EDT!

Be part of a historic, national online Bargaining Membership Unity E-Meeting for 125,000 CWA members at AT$T. Listen and watch live over the Internet. Hear from your ...

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Labor unions and workers will once again gather to celebrate the annual reclaiming May Day at Haymarket Square. This year's plaque will be dedicated by the AFL-CIO. A national AFL-...

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Ana's Garden of Hope Benefit! , Sunday, April 26, 2009

Proceeds go to Ana' Garden of Hope, a benefit for Analise Deanching, who was diagnosed at 20 months old with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. A...

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