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Articles by Author: lvanderwoude

Today 's Senate Hearing (March 18, 2015 Matloff Blog)

In spite of my posting title here, I won’t go into detail on the hearing. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, and won’t post a detailed analysis until I do so.

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Susan Sadlowski Garza Candidate For 10th Ward Alderman

Frank Avila interviews Susan Sadlowski Garza Candidate for 10th Ward Alderman.Susan is a lifelong resident of the 10th Ward

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Locals Have been Directed by Vice President Bates To Conduct a Strike Authorization Vote.

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Working Women's History Project Presents

A Salute to "The Most Dangerous Woman in America" to benefit the NEW Mother Jones Museum in Mt. Olive

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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #8 ~ March 16, 2015

Today at the table the company again refused to provide the Union with any of the data we requested concerning current retiree medical benefits

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The Broadband Bulletin: This Week In Telecom Policy News March 16, 2015

CWA and the NAACP urged the FCC to deny DISH’s attempt to qualify for $3 billion in “small business” taxpayer subsidies during the...

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AT$T Declares Surplus (Indianapolis, Indiana) & 'Voluntary' Resignation (Richardson, Texas) For The CWA/AT$T National Internet Contract

12/15/14 Mr. Bill Bates, Vice President,Communications Workers of America Dear Bill, On Monday, December 15, 2014, a Voluntary Resignation & Surplus Offer (VR&SO) will b...

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AT$T National Internet Contract Surplus Announcement

The organizations/titles/locations impacted are as follows:...

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The SCEs of The Future By: Dr. Norm Matloff

"Recently Southern California Edison (SCE) was exposed as laying off its American IT workers and replacing them with workers imported from India."

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AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council Is Standing Up & Fighting Back Against TPP Fast Track

As I am sure you all know by now, that CWA has taken the lead to "derail" Fast Track and stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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