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07/14/10 -IMPORTANT: AT$T Intellectual Property Program

Recently AT$T implemented the Intellectual Property Program with a kickoff that included a raffle for ideas with a prize of a Kindle to each weekly winner. CWA is op...

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Players Want 2011 All-Star Game Moved Out of Arizona

Baseball fans, take a good look at some of the players in tonight's All-Star Game. You may not see them at next year's classic if they are Latino. A growing number of Latino player...

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CWA Local 1298 Wins Again- Judge Rules in Our Favor for T-Shirts!

CWA Local 1298 has won again. AT&T in their arrogance has violated the law, and Steven Fish, Administrative Law Judge, for the National Labor Relations Board, ruled in our favor. ...

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AT$T Legacy T SURPLUS Announcement!

Dear Ralph: On Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Worldwide Customer Service, Business, Global Network Operations and Information Technology, and Operations will announce a surpl...

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AT$T Legacy T VTP Announcement

Dear Ralph: This is to advise you that Worldwide Customer Service, Customer Information Services, Global Network Operations and Information Technology, and Operations...

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NLRB Issues Another Complaint Against AT$T East!

June 10, 2010 CWA HAS CHARGED THAT AT&T East has been engaging in unfair labor practices as set forth in the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRB has issued a Complaint...

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Obama Improvises After Speech Rainout!

"At the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery about 50 miles southwest of his hometown, Mr. Obama had just laid a wreath at a marker for a soldier whose remains were not recovered when...

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AT$T: Capital Expenditure Surveys (CAP)

Once again management will be asking Legacy T workers to complete the CAP Survey. CWA believes it is not in our members' best interest to complete these surveys. We believe this ...

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Union Families Helping Union Families - We Need Your Help!

In January 2008, IBEW Local 21 Business Representative Michael Kunas suddenly passed away. Brother Kunas cared deeply for the members of our union and he fought every day to make s...

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Memorial Day 2010 Message - From Mark H. Ayers, Chairman AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council

"Memorial Day is a time to reflect upon those fallen American heroes who have given their lives and health to keep this nation safe. Memorial Day is also the perfect time to honor ...

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