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CWA Local 1298 AT$T SNET Bargaining Report

The Union and the Company met for the first time since October 8, 2009 in an effort to move forward in our contract negotiations. Discussion evolved around being productive ...

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CWA Dist. 4, AFL-CIO - "Battleground Bulletin"

Please Post this Notice on Union Bulletin Boards! Download PDF File**Copy**Post**...

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IBEW Disputes Over AT&T Retiree Health Care Continue to Grow

As reported in the December 16, 2009 IBEW Local 21 Retiree update our Union is at odds with AT&T over other items we negotiated in the new retiree health care benefits in 2009 barg...

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The Gift America Needs Most: Manufacturing!

"Happy Holidays, America! The gift this country needs most this holiday season is an economy built on a solid foundation, one that will provide middle class, family-supporti...

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FREE Consultations From The Hanson McClain Retirement Network!

CWA and IBEW union member affected by the recent AT$T Midwest Christmas Season SURPLUS and/or office closing announcement or the Legacy T VTP offer may call Tony Albertino at 630-3...

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CWA Local 1298 Fights for 258 Days to Keep AT$T Jobs in Connecticut - District 1 Stands Alone against AT$T!

As Connecticut consumers continue to spend their fair share at AT$T buying AT$T products and services AT$T continues to slash jobs in this state. CWA Local 1298 is doing everythin...

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AT$T to Fire Over 1,000 CWA Union Represented Employees In Bell South States (CWA District 3)

District 3 CWA members haven't had an opportunity to ratify their "tentative agreement" with AT$T and over 1,000 will be fired by "SCROOGE" Randall Stephenson, AT$T CEO. Download a...

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CLOSING 10 S Canal Street, Chicago DA - Announced By AT$T On Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On September 15, 2009, AT$T announced the closing of the Harvey, Illinois OA office with a Force Disposition Date of December 28, 2009. Twenty-Four (24) Local 4250 members were aff...

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Merry Christmas From AT$T' Randall Stephenson: AT$T To Fire Over 700 Union Members in AT$T Midwest Area!

In addition to the closing of the 10 S Canal AT$T Directory Assistance (DA) office in Chicago (above), AT$T has also made a Christmas Season SURPLUS announcement of their intent t...

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CWA District 4 AT$T Midwest Surplus Announcement I&M

Enclosed please find the surplus for MW Core I&M. Overall, MW Core I&M will be reducing their CSS/ST force by 537, the breakdown by state is noted below. The new contract procedure...

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