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A Commuter Spending Account lets you set money aside for eligible commuting expenses before your employer deducts taxes from your paycheck. This means the amount of income your tax...

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CWA District 4/AT$T Midwest SURPLUS Announcement!

Like a pig in rut, AT$T CEO Randall "The Rat" Stephenson, "slops at the trough" over his recently announced 35% salary INCREASE that will be paid for by his Nationwide SURPLUS An...

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AT$T Legacy T SURPLUS/VTP Announcement!

Dear Ralph, This is to advise you that Worldwide Customer Service, Corporate Affairs, Customer Information Services, AT&T Consumer Markets, Global Network Operations ...

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03//15/10- AT$T Legacy T SURPLUS/VTP of 271 Nationwide Announced!

Dear Ralph, On Monday March 15, 2010 Worldwide Customer Service, Business, Corporate Affairs, Customer Information Services, AT&T Consumer Markets, Global Network

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AT$T: More Layoffs, More Money For CEO Stephenson

In the last few months many hundreds of members in each of the other AT$T Contracts have been laid off. Today 271 were announced at Legacy T. AT$T Northeast (SNET) is still without...

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AT$T CEO Accepts Bonus For 2009, Pay Rises To $20.2M vs. $15M In Recession-Starved 2008

AT$T CEO Randall the "Rat" Stephenson's compensation rose by one-third to $20.2 million in 2009. He also accumulated more than $864,000 in perks, including nearly $216,000 in club ...

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CWA Moving Forward On "Ready For The Future"

CWA's union-wide campaign to improve our union's effectiveness, "Ready for the Future," is moving forward. We started this dialogue at the 2005 Convention, with the conven...

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CWA District 3 AT$T BellSouth Contract Ratified

This District is proud to announce that the ATT SE Contract ratified today. The results were 65% YES 35% NO. In Unity, Judy Dennis Vice President CWA Di...

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Executive Vice President George Sullivan Resignation

It is with mixed feelings that I announce and accept Executive Vice President, George Sullivan's resignation effective today, March 1, 2010. I know I speak for all ...

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CWA District 1, Local 1298 AT$T/SNET Bargaining Update

CWA Local 1298 wants to report that many off table conversations have been taking place over the past few weeks. District 3 is still undecided after voting down a Tentative ...

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