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ATST: Healthcare Legislation - Here Are The Facts!

Below you will find some facts regarding the Healthcare legislation provided by the CWA Research Department. In addition, a separate document providing additional information is a...

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Labor Notice From AT$T - Reimbursement of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Out of Pocket Expenses

We received the following Labor Notice from AT&T in regard to automatic reimbursement of Blue Cross/Blue Shield out of pocket expenses from participant healthcare FSAs that were no...

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AFL-CIO Union Vets - May 2010 Newsletter

Download copy of May 2010 newsletter in PDF format below:...

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Misleading Reports on Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Recent reports in the business press about AT&T and Verizon considering dropping employer-sponsored benefits are misleading. A recent article in Fortune (attached) suggests that A...

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The Motto of Mad Men

-"the "I Want My Country Back" slogan. A motto that would be called treasonous if uttered by throngs of blacks, Latinos or Native Americans has been deftly sculpted by conservative...

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Happy May Day!

Today many countries are celebrating International Workers' Day, which commemorates the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. The choice of May 1st was a commemor...

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CWA D6 AT$T Advertising Solutions: Tentative Agreement Highlights!

Listed below is a brief summary of the 17 modifications which have been agreed to in the new Tentative Agreement reached on April 28, 2010.The Tentative Agreement must be ratified ...

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Fight For Workplace Safety Must Continue: By Joe Gutierrez

"Decades of struggle by workers and their unions have resulted in significant improvements in working conditions, but the toll of workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths remains e...

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Hilda Solis: Labor's New Sheriff

The mine explosion in West Virginia on April 5 is the worst since a 1984 accident at Wilberg, Utah. As a union safety expert, Joe Main was on the scene then; he's now the head of t...

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AFL-CIO "Death on the Job" Report: 5,214 Killed at Work in 2008

Each workday, it's likely that 14 workers won't come home because they will be killed on the job, according to the most recent statistics. The AFL-CIO's 19th annual workplace safet...

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