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AT$T Declares 900 Union Jobs Surplus Nationwide!

While at$t continues to OUTSOURCE JOBS to Slovakia, Phillipines, India and other countries, CWA VP Ralph Maly received the following SURPLUS Announcement from Diane Bradley, Assist...

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Unionized Coal Mines Substantially Safer

A new study shows that miners in unionized coal mines are far less likely to be killed or injured on the job than miners in nonunion operations. The independent study funded by the...

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Workers? Share Of National Income Plummets To Record Low

Why are workers taking home such a reduced share of the pie? Opinions differ, but many experts think that the trend has to do with a number of factors, including a decline in the b...

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Legacy SBC Bargaining Units - Medcall & Outpatient Rules

This past week CWA finally convinced ATT that they were absolutely wrong in their interpretation of Medcall & Outpatient Rules as it relates to Emergency Room claims.Download email...

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CWA Phone Banks, Labor Walks Vital to Victory in Buffalo-Area District 26

The Republican agenda to kill Medicare, trample workers' rights and cut millionaires' taxes at the expense of everyone else took a well-earned beating in upstate New York on Tuesda...

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Local 4250 Member/Retiree Personal USB Flashdrive

Local 4250 members & retirees are in the process of receiving a CWA Local 4250 Member/Retiree Personal USB Flash-Drive that will provide them with quick access to various AT$T cont...

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Research Paper Provides Real Story Behind AT$T/T-Mobile Merger

The Communications Workers of America today released a research paper documenting in detail how a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile will better serve consumers, workers and communit...

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The War Is Over. Start Packing!

It's time to pivot, President Obama. Given three-quarters of the American public - including the majority of Republican voters - what they have said they want: a substantial withdr...

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If Walmart Paid Its 1.4 Million U.S. Workers A Living Wage, It Would Result In Almost No Pain For The Average Customer

A study released this week found that if the nation's largest low-wage employer, Walmart, were to pay its 1.4 million U.S. workers a living wage of at least $12 per hour and pass e...

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CEOs Earn 343 Times More Than Typical Workers

In 2010, chief executives at some of the nation?s largest companies earned an average of $11.4 million in total pay ? 343 times more than a typical American worker, according to th...

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