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Legislative and Political Action

2020 Census

Each year, Census data informs federal funding for more than 100 programs, including school lunches, highway construction, and education.

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Civil Rights Leader and Congressman John Lewis

Congressman and Civil Rights Leader John Robert Lewis Feb. 21, 1940 -July 17,2020 last surviving speaker from the 1963 march on Washington.

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John F. Kennedy Observance

Speech by John F. Kennedy, June 1, 1963 to U.S. conference of Mayors.

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JOB KILLER Nokia Is killing Jobs And Putting Our Retirement Security And Healthcare At Risk. Target: President Trump and Congress

JOB KILLER - Nokia Is killing Jobs And Putting Our Retirement Security And Healthcare At Risk. Target: President Trump and Congress! Please Sign & Share Our Petition

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(UPDATE May 29, 2019) - Introduction & Executive Summary Of Volume I and II Of Mueller Report If You Won't Read All 448 Pages

UPDATE 5-29-19* Intro. & Executive Summary Of Volume I & II Of Mueller Report. Demand Immediate Public Hearings and UNREDACTED REPORT Be Made Available To Congress And The Public!

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Tell Congress: Investigate AT$T - Please Sign And Share

AT$T Got Billions In Tax Cuts & Killed Over 10,000 Jobs While 14,000 CWA/AT$T Members Are Working Without A Contract For a Year! Tell Your Member Of Congress To Investigate AT$T!

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Congress Probes AT$T's Broken Promises on Jobs. CWA President Chris Shelton Testified On Wednesday Before The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee

"Since December of 2017 When The Tax Law Was Passed By Congress And Signed By The President, AT$T Has Eliminated 12,321 Union Jobs."

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Thank You For Voting! We Now Have A Check On The Whims Of A President Who Prefers Attacking People On Twitter To Addressing The Real Problems That Our Communities Face.

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The AFL-CIO Committee On Political Education (COPE) Treasury Fund Has Put Together A Helpful And Quick-To-Use Resource For Those Wanting To Vote For Union-Friendly Candidates.

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The Indiana State AFL-CIO Is Proud To Annunce Our Endorsements For The November 6, 2018 Midtern General Elections

Indiana Labor Has Come Together, Studied These Candidates And Made These Endorsements Because We Believe They Will Stand Up For Working Hoosier Families

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CWA National - News from the Front Lines

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