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H-1B Bodyshop vs. U.S. First Amendment: The Case Of "Tunnel Rat"

The blogger who goes by the nickname "Tunnel Rat" has the status of a folk hero for American computer/IT and engineering professionals. He is celebrated for his acerbic commentaries on his website, ITGrunt. At least a portion of Tunnel Rat's mystique derives from his persona as a geeky Lucha libre-type masked hero. The internet has been rife with speculation by both by his fans and detractors as to his identity and whether his writings represent reality or fantasy. All of that buzz adds to his legendary status.
"Tunnel Rat" expresses the popular rage of American high-tech professionals as they are dispossessed by immigration and outsourcing. His blogs are hard-hitting, profane and politically incorrect, especially in regards to corporate politics, stupid managers, and unqualified H-1B visa-holders from India hired as programmers and engineers by high-tech companies. VDARE.COM's Patrick Cleburne has described ITGrunt as "the go-to source for H-1B/ American Worker Displacement atrocities".
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