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H-1B Visas

None of the Arguments for Singling Out the IT Services Firms Works March 25, 2015 Matloff

A number of my writings and blog posts have mentioned what I consider a misplaced focus in discussions of foreign tech worker programs on the IT services firms.

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New L-1 Rules: Why Don't They Just Say Who They Mean? March 25, 2015 Matloff

Today, the USCIS released its tentative new policy on the L-1B work visa, which is for intracompany transfers.

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Labor, With Unlikely Allies, Tackles Exploitation of High-Tech Workers By: Mark Gruenberg

Any new immigration law "should unambiguously state it is illegal to replace an American worker with an H-1B worker," Trumka said.

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H-1B Workers Have Minimal Skills: Infosys Whistleblower

H-1B workers replacing Americans have minimal skills and little or no business knowledge, a whistleblower from Indian IT giant Infosys has said.

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Now Hiring Foreign Students Preferred March 19, 2015 matloff

In my comments yesterday on the Senate hearing, I noted that most of the senators were viewing the issue of foreign tech workers through an “Intels are heroes

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Today 's Senate Hearing (March 18, 2015 Matloff Blog)

In spite of my posting title here, I won’t go into detail on the hearing. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, and won’t post a detailed analysis until I do so.

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The SCEs of The Future By: Dr. Norm Matloff

"Recently Southern California Edison (SCE) was exposed as laying off its American IT workers and replacing them with workers imported from India."

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America's Labor Party - By: Norm Matloff

I just made a blog posting, "America’s Labor Party," discussing the irony that it is Republicans who are speaking on behalf of American tech workers, rather than Democrats.

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Edison Plans To Cut Jobs, Hire Foreign Workers Is Assailed

Southern California Edison's plans to lay off hundreds of employees and hire foreign workers instead is coming under attack from lawmakers in Congress and local unions.

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Foreign Workers Fill Hundreds of Sacramento-Area IT Jobs

Professor of Computer Science Norm Matloff is seen as one of the leading national experts on H-1B visas.

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