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H-1B Visas

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse of Immigration Processes

PLANO, Texas ? Infosys Corporation, an Indian company involved in consulting, technology, and outsourcing, has agreed to a civil settlement of allegations of systemic visa fraud a...

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Federal Inquiry Into Indian Firm Puts a Focus on Widespread Visa Abuses

A federal investigation into visa use by Infosys, the Indian technology outsourcing giant, has brought to light widespread abuses in the industry and prompted investigations into o...

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Stop Blaming Indian Companies For Visa Abuse - By Norman Matloff - Aug 26, 2013

"It?s true that almost all the programmers the Indian companies hire are foreign workers, and that they offshore some of their work. But for many U.S. companies, most of their prog...

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Stop Fast Track For The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

On MSNBC's The Ed Show, CWA President Larry Cohen spotlighted how service sector jobs, as well as manufacturing jobs, will be sent overseas if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is appr...

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H-1B Workers In Line For Obamacare Work In Illinois

Illinois said that Cognizant has assigned 13 workers, all U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents with Medicaid experience and expertise, to work on the project. Seven of the sta...

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08/13/2013- Why Employers Hire Foreign Workers. It's Not Because of a Labor Shortage

WASHINGTON, DC (August 12, 2013) - The Center for Immigration Studies has published a new backgrounder, "Motivation for Hiring Alien Workers? Hint: It's Not a Labor Shortage", anal...

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The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage: How Guest Workers Lower US Wages BY: HAL SALZMAN AND B. LINDSAY LOWELL

"A battle rages in economic policy circles: Should America make its borders more open to high-tech guest workers, or should we batten the hatches? Even those who oppose totally ope...

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How Tech Workers? Got Hosed In Immigration Deal

The lopsided victory, Hira and others say, has a lot to do with the lack of political clout among tech workers. Tech workers in H-1B fields aren't widely unionized. The AFL-CIO's D...

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Immigration To Be Boosted For Tech Jobs?

"The bill also grants permanent residency to any foreign student who earns a master's degree in science, technology, engineering or math from a U.S. college or university. Touted a...

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How Record Immigration Levels Robbed American High-Tech Workers of $10 Trillion By Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D.

While there has been some attention paid by immigration researchers to the record numbers of immigrants residing in the United States, little attention has been paid to quantifying...

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