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Foreign Workers Fill Hundreds of Sacramento-Area IT Jobs

“In a classroom across campus, Professor of Computer Science Norm Matloff trains the next generation of IT professionals. Some of them are U.S Matloff, like Peri, is seen as one of the leading national experts on H-1B visas. Congress has repeatedly called upon the expertise of both men as it wrestles with the dilemma of deciding between restricting or releasing the flow of foreign workers into the IT workforce.

Matloff has been studying the cause and effect dynamics of the visa program since the 1990s. He said big IT companies are gobbling up the visas, not because they can't find Americans to fill the positions, but the H-1B visa holders allow them to layoff expensive and experienced U.S. employees and hire younger and cheaper foreign workers.

"Hiring younger H-1Bs instead of older Americans means you save money," he said.

"It doesn't matter whether an H-1B takes the job here that you would have taken or, on the other hand, if the job is sent overseas. Either way, you as an American programmer or engineer, doesn't have that job," Matloff said, comparing the visas to the controversial practice of outsourcing American jobs to other countries.” View Interview of Professor Matloff here: (

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