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Articles by Author: stisza

Seventy-Five Years Ago Today, The First Occupy

On this day, December 30th, in 1936 -- 75 years ago today -- hundreds of workers at the General Motors factories in Flint, Michigan, took over the facilities and occupied them for ...

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Democratic Congressional Races Shape Up On Last Day Of Filing

The window for filing petitions to run for Congress in Illinois? new districts closed Tuesday with Democrats looking to take advantage of the map they drew to try to boost their nu...

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Eight Ways the Health Care Law Helps You

By: Kathleen Sebelius on December 28, 2011 at 12:06 PM EST.(Kathleen Sebelius is the Secretary of Health and Human Services) As we ring in the New Year, we also want to take...

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Looking For Jobs In All The Wrong Places

From Dan Rather Reports:--Over the past year, Dan Rather Reports has done a series of programs about the foreign labor force brought here by a vast array of U.S companies ostensibl...

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Middle-Class Areas Shrink As Income Gap Grows

The portion of American families living in middle-income neighborhoods has declined significantly since 1970, according to a new study, as rising income inequality left a growing s...

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Offshore Governments Campaign Against Call Center Bill

December 26, 2011 The Indian Government and NASSCOM, a New Delhi-based outsourcing group, launched a lobbying attack on Tim Bishop?s Call Center Off-Shoring Bill.

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Jobs Americans Can't Do? - The Myth of a Skilled Worker Shortage

Corporate executives in the tech industry have long called for an increase in pliant, lower-cost foreign labor. They argue that the U.S. is failing to produce a sufficient number o...

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AT$T Ends Bid For T-Mobile, Takes $4 Billion Penalty

AT&T said Monday it has ended its bid to purchase T-Mobile and will pay $4 billion as a penalty for not completing its deal. The decision puts an end to a rocky nine-month quest by...

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GOP Presidential Candidates Position On Social Security!

12/16/11- (Washington, DC) ?Social Security Works unveiled a new guide which reveals that the top six Republican Presidential candidates agree: If they had their way, they would c...

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