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*IMPORTANT* - Legacy T SSP HRA Deposits

I've just learned that I provided incorrect information to some of you with respect to whether all eligible employees, enrolled in the Point of Service Medical Plan or in an HMO, a...

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AT$T Corp (Legacy T) Active/Retiree HealthCare Inquiry Information

Download frequently called HealthCare providers phone numbers and links to their websites...

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111th Congress Looked Out For Veterans

Recent Article By American Legion National Commander Jimmie Foster: "Congress may be receiving low approval ratings from the general voting population, but The American Legion say...

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Morty Bahr Steps Down as AIL Chair

"Morty Bahr is one of the great and legendary leaders in the history of the American labor movement," said AIL President & CEO Roger Smith. "We are grateful to have had the benefit...

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2010 SSP Mid-West Legacy (SBC) and Legacy (T) Contracts- Tax-Free Individual HRA Contributions

Remember some contracts are different. In the Mid-West Legacy (SBC) and Legacy (T) contracts, we elected to go for a tax-free contribution to the individuals HRA as an ongoing fund...

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AT$T Benefit Plan Changes: Coverages For Legally Recognized Partners Effective April 1, 2011

Download Letter from Diane Bradley, AT$T Labor Relations AVP to Ralph Maly, CWA C&T VP regarding changes to AT$T Benefit Plans, effective April 1, 2011....

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AT$T Benefit Plans - Re: Coverage For Legally Recognized Partners

Download letter to Ralph Maly, CWA C&T VP from Diane Bradley, AT$T Labor Relations AVP regarding coverage for Legally Recognized Partners in AT$T Benefit Plans, effective April 1, ...

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Health Care Reform And It's Implications On Collectively Bargained Plans

Download Slide Show (PDF) regarding The Health Care Reform Act and it's implications on collectively bargained health care plans....

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Great News For Area Veterans - VA Intends to Acquire Joliet, Illinois Silver Cross Facility

Received Via E-Mail: Dear Elizabeth: I wanted to make sure you saw the great news. After over two years of hard work among all involved, the VA recently confi...

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REMINDER: Reimbursement Account (HRA)

Are you utilizing your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)? If you are enrolled in the Company medical plan (excluding HMO-type plans) you are eligible to receive a company funded...

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