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H-1B Visas

Green Card Plan For Students Stirs Worry

"like many past changes to immigration law, this one could have unforeseen consequences, critics warned, potentially turning U.S. universities into "green card mills" and providing...

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Guestworkers In The High-Skill U.S. Labor Market

An analysis of supply, employment, and wage trends By Hal Salzman, Daniel Kuehn, and B. Lindsay Lowell | April 24, 2013 ...

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?Gang of Eight? Bill Could Give Half of New IT Jobs Requiring A College Degree To Guestworkers

Guestworkers will fill nearly half of all IT job openings for which a college degree is required each year. In a new report, Guestworkers in the High-Skill U.S. Labor Market, Hal S...

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Career Watch: A Debunker of H-1B Claims

Norm Matloff, A longtime critic of the H-1B visa program, the University of California, Davis, computer science professor talks about immigration issues. Computerworl...

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The New Bill To Boost H-1B Visas Is Based On A Lie

"The H-1B usage data should give pause to the lawmakers who introduced the Immigration Innovation Act. "If that bill were to be passed we'd see a major hemorrhaging of American job...

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Are Foreign Students The ?Best And Brightest??

By Norman Matloff | February 28, 2013 Briefing Paper #356 The technology industry, in lobbying Congress for expansion of programs to attract skilled foreign workers,...

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How H-1B Visas Are Screwing Tech Workers

Most of today's H-1B workers don't stick around to become the next Albert Einstein or Sergey Brin. ComputerWorld revealed last week that the top 10 users of H-1B visas last year we...

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Special Report: Silicon Valley's Dirty Secret - Age Bias By: Sarah McBride

When Randy Adams, 60, was looking for a chief-executive officer job in Silicon Valley last year, he got turned down from position after position that he thought he was going to nai...

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If Tech Is So Important, Why Are IT Wages Flat? By: Patrick Thibodeau

Despite the fact that technology plays an increasingly important role in the economy, IT wages remain persistently flat. This may be tech's inconvenient truth. The still slu...

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OFFSHORING AMERICAN CALL CENTERS: The Threat to Consumers,Communities, and National Security!

HOW H.R. 3596 and S. 3402 WILL HELP - Legislation now before both Houses of Congress (S. 3402 and H.R. 3596) takes aim at the problem of offshore call centers?sometim...

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