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H-1B Visas

The Obama Administration Is Either Preparing For Action On H-1B "Abuse" Or It Will Punt To Congress - By Patrick Thibodeau

The Replacement Of U.S. Workers By H-1B Visa Holders Is Troubling And Not Supposed To Happen. But It Is Hard To Tell Whether The Obama Administration Will Do Anything About It.

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California's Effort To Build An H-1B Firewall By Patrick Thibodeau

Lawmakers Are Considering A Bill That Would Make It Difficult For State-Regulated Utilities To Replace U.S. Workers With H-1B workers.

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California Legislature Discovers H-1B - July 3, 2015 Matloff

The Bill, Authored By Hernandez, Would Do Nothing To Prevent SCE From Hiring Its Own H-1Bs.

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Primer For Reporters Looking Into The H-1B Program By: John Miano July 1, 2015

After decades of neglect, I am happily surprised that Southern California Edison and Disney have drawn new attention to the H-1B program.

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John Miano Suggests That Journalists Open Their Eyes July 2, 2015 matloff

John details how destructive the current four-tiered system for H-1B wage floors is used as a core mechanism enabling firms to employ H-1Bs instead of Americans.

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Rubio Ducks Disney Question, Then Calls For Reform June 30, 2015 matloff

Rubio Opposes Requiring Employers In General To Certify That No Qualified Americans Are Available For The Jobs They Wish To Fill With H-1Bs.

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New York Times Almost Gets It Right on H-1Bs By John Miano, June 17, 2015

When the Times writes, "A mass influx of foreigners doing the jobs of the workers they displace is clearly not what the law intended," they are completely wrong.

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NYT Editorial Goes Off Script, But Still Off the Mark June 18, 2015 matloff

John Miano, who knows the history in fine detail, and he replied that was preparing a blog post on the matter, which is now available; I urge you to read it.

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In Turnabout, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs - By: Julia Preston JUNE 16, 2015

In New York, the immigrants suddenly stopped coming to the offices. Then on June 11, managers summoned the Disney employees with different news: Their layoffs had been canceled.

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IBM in the H-1B Hotseat (Again) May 23, 2015 matloff

IBM in the H-1B Hotseat (Again) - IBM HR says, “The cost difference is too great for the business not to look for” H-1Bs.”

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