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Why A National Monument To A Union-Busting Robber Baron? By: Jim Hightower

" The Only Way That Pullman National Monument Can Have Any Legitimacy Is For The Grounds To Be Strewn With Sculptures Of The 30 Dead Workers He Killed.” By: Jim Hightower

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Pullman Became The Storm Center For One Of The Classic Labor Struggles In American Social History. Labor Day Was Designated A Federal Holiday Shortly After The Pullman Strike

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Celebrate Labor Day In Pullman National Monument

Celebrate Labor Day In Pullman National Monument. At 12:30 You Can Ride a Trolley Car And Learn More About The History Of The Town And Workers Of Pullman. Space Is Limited.

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RIP Mollie Lieber West Member/Retiree Chicago Typographical Union No. 16

RIP Mollie West - As A Teenager, Mollie Experienced A Baptism Under Fire During The Citywide Demonstration In Support Of Republic Steel Strikers, As Ten Died On Memorial Day 1937.

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All CWA Local 4250 / CTU 16 Members, In Good Standing, General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting Friday, August 14, 2015 7:00 pm CWA Local Union Office 3055 Glenwood Dyer Road Lynwood, Illinois

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We Showed Rupert Murdoch Today That Chicago Is A Union Town!

It Was Great To See Our Sisters & Brothers From CWA Local 4250/CTU No. 16 And The Chicago News Guild Walk In Solidarity.

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Will AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson Be Implicated In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Cover-up?

READ THE COMPLAINT! : Will AT$T CEO Randall Stephenson Be Implicated In Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Cover-up?

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Laura Unger. Assistant To Vice President CWA T&T Will Retire July 10, 2015

Now That The Contract Has Been Ratified, I Want To Let You Know That My Last Day In The T&T Office Will Be July 10th. I Leave You With This Wish Thanks To Bob Dylan!

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame Joliet Slammers Thursday, August 27, 2015

Join Us On Thursday, August 27, 2015 At Silver Cross Field Downtown Joliet, Illinois Slammers Game Time 7:05 PM

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2015 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks!

2015 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks!

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