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Why A National Monument To A Union-Busting Robber Baron? By: Jim Hightower

Why A National Monument To A Union-Busting Robber Baron?

“Our tax dollars are being spent to build a national park in tribute to a narcissistic, paternalistic, brutalistic 19th-century robber baron? Incredibly, yes. Pullman, a notorious union buster and exploiter of working families, is having his history mythologized by today's Powers That Be, portraying him as a model of the corporate order's historic virtue. At the Feb. 19 official consecration of Pullman's park, Chicago's thoroughly corporatized mayor, Rahm Emanuel, even gushed: "This will be a monument ... to Pullman's role in building the American dream."

We taxpayers are financing a monument to this loser's greed. The only way that Pullman National Monument can have any legitimacy is for the grounds to be strewn with sculptures of the 30 dead workers he killed.”

Jim Hightower


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