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Legislative and Political Action

Surge in Immigration Laws Around U.S.

State legislatures, grappling with the failure of the federal government to overhaul the immigration laws, considered 1,404 immigration measures this year and enacted 170 of them, ...

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VOTE ALERT! - Nullifying Card-Check !

Attached below, for everyone's information, are details about a recent vote taken to eliminate card check from all Collective Bargaining Agreements that could impact our future org...

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AFL-CIO Presidential Forum Moved To Soldier Field!

On Tuesday August 7 at 6 p.m. CDT, the AFL-CIO will host a presidential forum with the top seven Democratic candidates to be held at Soldier Field in Chicago. MSNBC's Keith Olberma...

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"Due to federal election law, only AFL-CIO union members and their families may attend the forum, but it will be broadcast live in full for the public on MSNBC. You also can listen...

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Challenge to ALL Presidential Candidates!

"I am calling on each presidential candidate to pledge to refuse their free government health care until every person in this country also has it. I want every candidate who said t...

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Speed Matters: CWA's Policy Proposal for Universal High Speed Internet ! By Jeff Rechenbach

"Senator Durbin's leadership in developing and promoting this innovative exchange of ideas will help America create a road map to a return to leadership in the deployment of high s...

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Firefighters Challenge Giuliani's Self-Proclaimed "Leadership Experience"

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani portrays himself as the hero of Sept. 11, and the media takes this claim for granted. But New York City firefighters, who know best, say it...

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Employment Down Among Natives In Georgia

Some businesses in Georgia argue that they need large numbers of immigrants because there are not enough native-born Americans to fill jobs that require relatively little education...

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Cable Competition Bill Passes Illinois Senate !

The Illinois State Senate on Tuesday voted 54-0 for the bill, which the House earlier approved, 113-0. Download complete story and IBEW Local 21 Press Release in PDF format....

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Debate on Employee Free Choice Act Begins June 18

FIVE MINUTES -That's all we're asking. You need to take 5 minutes and make two phone calls, one to each of your Senators to tell them we need a vote on the Senate floor on the Emp...

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