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Legislative and Political Action

STAND-UP For Workers Rights On April 4, 2011

On April 4, on the job, in our schools and in our communities, we will remind our elected officials that workers? rights are human rights, and that thos...

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Vice President Biden Fires Up Union Activists: Organized Labor Keeps 'Barbarians From The Gate' (AUDIO)

Vice President Biden gave the Obama administration's most forceful statement of solidarity with organized labor in its current battles around the nation on Thursday, encouraging ac...

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Labor Secretary Solis Standing With Workers In Fight For Rights

Solis, who comes from a union family, said she is "so inspired and proud" of CWA and the hundreds of thousands of union and non-union workers nationwide who are taking on the state...

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Rally for the American Dream: Huge Gatherings Nationwide in Solidarity with Wisconsin Democratic Uprising

"Welcome Senators!" a Chicago protest sign declared, as thousands rallied in solidarity with Wisconsin workers and celebrated Democratic senators hiding out in Illinois."The more t...

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Tomorrow, CWA members from coast to coast will wear red in support of our brothers and sisters who are fighting for their collective bargaining rights and in solidarity with thousa...

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CWA Standing Up For Collective Bargaining Rights!

Across the country, millions of Americans are standing up for collective bargaining rights. Find out how to get involved. Collective bargaining rights and the right to organize hav...

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Stand In Solidarity Against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Radical Proposal And Threats!

Members of the Wisconsin Legislature: The Associated Press reports, "Gov. Scott Walker says the Wisconsin National Guard is prepared to respond if there is any unre...

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Save Public Broadcasting - SAVE CWA JOBS!

If U.S. House Republicans get their way, PBS, NPR and local radio and TV public broadcasting stations would lose their federal funding and up to 1,500 CWA members could lose their ...

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The Compensation Penalty of ?right-to-work? Laws

By: Elise Gould Heidi Shierholz - "Recent proposals to advance so-called ?right-to-work? (RTW) laws are being suggested in states as a way to boost economic growth. In this economi...

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Obama's/NAFTA-Style Korea Trade Deal

On December 3, 2010, President Obama backtracked on his campaign commitments to create a new American trade policy that stopped the job offshoring crisis by announcing he would bri...

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