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Stand In Solidarity Against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Radical Proposal And Threats!

Members of the Wisconsin Legislature:

The Associated Press reports, "Gov. Scott Walker says the Wisconsin National Guard is prepared to respond if there is any unrest among state employees in the wake of his announcement that he wants to take away nearly all collective bargaining rights."

The Governor?s decision to ask the Wisconsin National Guard to be prepared for a fight against nurses, teachers, and other public employees puts Wisconsin firmly on the wrong side of history. The idea that a governor can use the military to impose his personal, political will on the people he governs is a primitive relic of the past ? one that resulted in almost a century of bloodshed in this country. It must not be repeated again.

Trying to ram through cuts to the health care and pensions of Wisconsin nurses and teachers ? and take away their right to negotiate for fair benefits ? is already unacceptable. But the Governor's threat of military force against Wisconsin citizens who serve their state proudly is even

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