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HUGE Increase in Offshore Outsourcing Predicted!

A "New" Gartner Report, to be released next week, says 30% of IT jobs in developed countries will be "offshored" by 2015. Download exclusive story from Information Week in PDF form...

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Elite Protectionists! By: William Greider

"Organized labor and others should make sure this story becomes big news. People might begin to ask deeper questions. If free trade agreements are the road to greater U.S. prosperi...

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India Economy Gains From U.S. Job Losses!

Michael Kane, 47, believes outsourcing cost him his job as a Communications Technician for AT$T Corp. three months ago. AT$T uses foreign labor to make fixes on its network, the wo...

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Comcast Fails To Protect The Public Safety!

A cable worker dressed in a Comcast uniform, driving a Comcast van and wearing Comcast employment identification raped a young woman in Sacramento. The rapist was arrested and conv...

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GE's Jack Welsh, Godfather of Outsourcing To India!

India today earns more than $17 billion from corporations world-wide seeking low-cost overseas talent to do everything from write software to collect debts to design semiconductors...

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India's status as a dominent outsourcing destination is under attack from China. In the next 10 years, China would replace India as the number 1 technology outsourcing country, sai...

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Over 1,000,000 Strike State-Run Banks In India!

The one-day strike shut 66,000 branches of 27 state-run banks across India and kept one million bank employees from work. Download complete story in PDF format....

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Contractor Figured In Charlotte Plane Crash!

The investigation at TIMCO marks the second time in as many years a negative spotlight is shining on a Forida contractor that allegedly put illegal immigrants into the aircraft-mai...

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ITPAA Eagle Award To Congressman Tom Tancredo!

The ITPAA representing over 1,200 IT professionals nationwide, presents this award to business and political leaders that it believes best represent the interests of the IT communi...

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The Next Wave of Outsourcing! By: Robin Meredith

"Over the next decade, offshoring will knock millions of white-collar Americans and Europeans out of work, blowing a hole in the middle class from Los Angeles to London, from Bosto...

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