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Option to Purchase Additional Life Insurance for Select AT&T retirees


New! Option to Purchase Additional Life Insurance



To: Select AT&T retirees



During this year’s annual benefits enrollment in October, we’re providing a new opportunity to increase your life insurance in retirement.



While there’s no action for you to take now, we wanted you to be aware of this one-time opportunity to add to your company-subsidized life insurance so you can begin to review your options. We trust this advance notice affords you plenty of time before you need to make a decision about purchasing additional life insurance at a discounted rate.



The highlights include:





Competitive pricing: We’re subsidizing the cost of the life insurance, so the price you pay for the foreseeable future is about 20% less than you would find elsewhere on the market.





Flexibility: You can elect from a variety of coverage levels to best meet your needs. You won’t have the opportunity to increase coverage in the future. But, you will be able to decrease your coverage amount as your needs change.





Everyone qualifies: This opportunity is available to all eligible retirees, regardless of health status or pre-existing conditions. That is because the company helped fund this plan for you — and is unlike other life insurance options on the market today.





Guaranteed renewable: Life insurance coverage under this arrangement is available as long as you pay the premiums and don’t cancel the policy.



Again, we’ll share more information as we lead up to annual enrollment in October. When that time comes, we encourage you to carefully review the details. This will be your one-time opportunity to sign up for additional life insurance if you need it.



Thank you for all you’ve done for the company.



Julianne Galloway


Vice President, Benefits





As a reminder, AT&T reserves the right to terminate, modify or amend any and all benefit plans at any time and for any reason


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