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                                                      COVID-19 PANDEMIC INFORMATION  


There are more than 9 states without stay at home orders. Exposure to COVID-19 can be up to 2 weeks before symptoms but you can still spread.  Those that are asymptomatic (have COVID-19 but are not showing any signs of being sick) are the main reason it’s spreading.




                                                        What Protections Matter and Why



6 Feet Social Distance helps with person to person spread through contact.  COVID- 19 can be spread by exhaling or breathing out virus.  The reason for the 6 feet social distance is for droplet protection.  When a person sneezes or coughs there are droplets expelled.  There is no barrier at 6 feet and droplets can remain in the air for hours.


Respirators are used for respiratory protection and used to filter very small particles to prevent COVID-19 infections. 


Masks are used as an aid to prevent transmission when social distancing is difficult.  Masks also protect others from you if you cough or sneeze.


There is also contact transmission.  Viruses can live on surfaces (e.g./ 72 hours on plastic and 24 hours on cardboard) and in the air for several hours.  Washing hands, using hand sanitizer and cleaning surfaces will help contact transmission.


Please know too there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting.  Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing, though often used synonymously. Disinfecting is KILLING the bacteria and viruses on a surface. While cleaning is the REMOVING of VISIBLE foreign mater from a surface. It is possible to be clean but not disinfected, and similarly disinfected but not clean. (source:


If you are sick you can’t go to work, stay at home.  You are endangering other people’s lives.

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