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The H-1B Visa Controversy: The H-1B Visa And Other Foreign-Worker Programs, As Currently Structured, Aren't In The US National Interest.

July 9, 2016 matloff

I have a detailed article on H-1B and “staple a green card to their diplomas” proposals in the July issue of Computer, a magazine published by the IEEE Computer Society.

I’ve been quite critical of IEEE-USA on the H-1B issue over the years. After long, active opposition to foreign worker programs, the organization made a U-turn in 2000, under pressure from the IEEE parent organization, which is dominated by corporate and academic people with vested interests in H-1B and so on. They (IEEE-USA) then started pushing Staple a Green Card as an alternative to H-1B, one that I consider just as harmful, and one on which they have refused to seek member input.

I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, when Hal Berghel, a columnist for Computer, asked me to write an article for the magazine. Bob Charette, a contributing editor for IEEE Spectrum who has written an excellent article debunking the myth of a STEM labor shortage, was also supportive.

So, it’s nice to see that, in spite of the actions of IEEE-USA, IEEE is not a monolithic organization, and is allowing some dissent.

Download Dr.Matloff’ “computer” Article Under Article Files Below:

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