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AT$T Announces Job Cuts Before The Holidays! Illinois IBEW Local 21

December 14, 2015

Today, AT&T has yet again announced consolidations and surpluses around the holidays.  AT&T’s announcement affects employees in many organizations throughout Illinois and across the United States. Many of the job cuts will affect employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 21 (IBEW 21) as well as other members in the IBEW System Council T-3 (SCT-3). With these announcements comes many concerns into how much AT&T really values their core landline business.

Through negotiations, your Union leadership has been able to reduce the surplus in many departments, while eliminating the surpluses in other departments by offering a general SIPP (Article 30.21).

The Construction Department (C&E) will offer a general SIPP to all Splicers in the Chicago, N. Suburban and S. Suburban RCA’s. The Company is looking to reduce their headcount in the Construction Splicer title throughout the 3 Chicagoland RCA’s. The Company has also informed the Union of an impending force adjustment after the first of the year.

The Business Services Department will be offering a general SIPP to theCustomer System Technician title in the Chicago, N. Suburban and S. Suburban RCA’s. They want to reduce their headcount in these RCA’s.

The Automotive Department has announced the consolidation of 58 garages down to 17 garages primarily in the Chicago, N. Suburban and S. Suburban RCA’s, this will include the closing of 41 garages. They also announced a General SIPP to all Automotive Equipment Technicians in these Chicagoland RCAs.

Title Group 1

AT&T has informed the Union of surpluses in Title Group 1 which includes:

48 - Telecommunications Specialists at the Global Customer Services Department at 10 S. Canal in Chicago.

5 - Telecommunications Specialists in the Global Network ProvisioningDepartment located at 311 W. Washington, Chicago.

Title Group 3

In Title Group 3 AT&T announced surpluses of:

2 - Field Support Administrators located at 10 S Canal, Chicago in the Construction and Engineering Department (C&E).

3 - Senior Plant Assigners located at 929 Childs St., Wheaton C&E Department.

4 - Maintenance Administrators located at 10 S. Canal, Chicago in the GBS Global Customer Service Department.

Title Group 7

In Title Group 7 AT&T announced the surpluses of:

6 - Marketing Support Specialists C&E at 311 W. Washington, Chicago

3 - Customer Advocates at 225 W. Randolph, Chicago in the GBS GlobalCustomer Service Department.

Title group 9

In Title group 9 AT&T announced the surplused of:

10 - Customer Account Specialists located at 311 W. Washington in Chicago inC&E.

Title group 10

In Title group 10 AT&T announced the surplus of:

1 - Administrative Specialist located at 311 W. Washington, Chicago in theGlobal Network Provisioning Department.

1 - Technical Associate located at 225 W. Randolph, Chicago in the GBS Global Customer Service Department.

1 - Technical Associate C&E at 929 W Cermak Rd., Chicago

1 - Technical Specialist C&E at 150 Park Ave., Lake Villa

1 - Technical Specialist C&E at 7676 W 79th St., Chicago

Legacy T

In Legacy T, the Company notified the local as representatives of the SCT-3 Council of a surplus of 1 in the Data Service Coordinator title locate in Marlboro Massachusetts.

Voluntary Separation Packages - VSIPP

Voluntary Separation Packages (VSIPP) are available to all employees who are not affected by today’s surplus announcement as defined in Article 30.43.

If you would like to save the job of someone whose job is at risk please consider turning in your VSIPP application today. If you are interested you must file your VSIPP paperwork by 5 p.m. (CST) Monday, December 21, 2015.

Article 30 of the 2013 IBEW Collective Bargaining Agreement with AT&T governs all AT&T surplus declarations except those members working under Legacy T agreements who fall under their respective terms of the 2013 agreement.

View the 2013 Collective Bargaining agreement now by clicking here.

We remind our membership that things can change daily. We now must allow the process to play itself out.

We realize members have questions, concerns and that rumors may start to fly. Union updates will be released as necessary. We will only report on verified factual information.

The IBEW Local 21 staff is available and will help you during this difficult process


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