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Tell Your Rep. What You Think of His/Her Vote On Fast Track & Email Your Senators To Oppose TPP!

On June 18, the U.S. House of Representatives passed  fast track legislation that helps advance the possibility of the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership speeding through Congress. 

President Obama and Speaker Boehner used carrots and sticks to whip those votes. Three Republicans who'd voted against this corporate agenda the week before were thrown out of leadership positions. Four Democrats who voted for corporate power had been given a ride in an airplane by Obama.

Still, 208 resisted, while 218 betrayed their responsibility to the public. Following is a note you can send to your representative. We've drafted it based on how they voted. You can improve on it as you like.

After you hit "Submit," your Congress member may request that you choose a topic or provide other information. When you've completed that, you'll arrive at a page on which you can email your senators to oppose any measures facilitating the TPP. Email You Represenative And US Senators Below:

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